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Making Santa Fe Work for Us All


There’s every reason to be proud of our community. And every reason to make it even better—for everyone.

Santa Fe’s strengths and our resources are plentiful: capital; culture; commerce; character; and a caring, sharing community. Our challenges are also clear: We need a City that works well and a City that creates more and better jobs, housing, and opportunities for everyone.

It’s time for us to bring people together. Get things done. And make Santa Fe work for us all.

That’s the next Mayor’s job—the first strong Mayor of Santa Fe.

I’m running for Mayor because I believe it’s time for us to combine our aspirations for the future with practical results today. That means electing a Mayor who combines proven managerial experience with tested leadership skills.

That’s what I have to offer the people of Santa Fe as our next Mayor.

I hope to earn your support on March 6, 2018.

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Action Plan

Santa Fe has great history and proud culture. Now we need new ideas and new energy.  A recent report looking into the City government revealed more than 60 examples of bad management, a lack of accountability, and a waste of taxpayers’ dollars. That has to change! I have an Action Plan to make Santa Fe work better—and work for all of us.  You’ll find it here.

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Get Involved

Want to get involved in our campaign? You can join us at an upcoming event [hyper link] or a forum [hyper link] or volunteer to work at campaign headquarters, knock on doors or call voters on the phone [hyper link].

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One way to make a difference in our campaign is to make a financial contribution—of any amount. Your contribution is one way to demonstrate your commitment to good government for Santa Fe—and you'll be helping us run a winning campaign! We’re grateful for your investment in our campaign and in Santa Fe’s future.